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[eia] Re: garrisons

    I'm glad JJ tracked down the rule on this, because I thought it sounded
strange to say that a city garrison could fight alongside a depot garrison
outside a city.
    Here's how I would characterize our rule of thumb regarding garrisons:
Since depot garrisons always have the option of retreating into the city
when attacked, we always assume that any garrison in an area that contains
both a city and a depot is intended to be a depot garrison (as long as the
garrison contains 10 or fewer factors).
    Now there is one thing we have been sloppy with.  Suppose that City A
(within Major Power A's home nation) has a pre-existing 1 militia garrison.
Then Major Power A builds a depot there (without the presence of a corps).
I think we have been allowing the city garrison to float out to the depot
garrison under those conditions, even though I'm not sure that is strictly
permitted by the rules.  However, it is a strange example, and I'm not sure
how often it has come up.
    If anyone knows definitively whether this is against the rules, I'd be
interested in hearing...


> If you read, it says that city garrisons may _not_ be used in a
> field combat in the city's area, only depot garrisons (along with corps
> other mobile forces) can be so used.  The only exception to this is a
> limited field combat, where an attack is made to relieve a city garrison
> under seige.  In this case, some or all of the city garrison can
> (see; I think this (i.e., the limited mobility of garrisons) is
> the reason that limited field combats can only last one day.
> -JJY
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