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Re: [eia] France's land phase orders

>          Since a city garrison can choose to fight rather than accepting a
> siege, about the only time it would matter that only 10 factors can be
> assigned to a depot is if you want to drop a really big garrison
>          I think I did screw up that only ten garrison factors could
> to remain outside of the city.  The city garrison does not have to retire,
> so you could retire corps into the city and leave a larger number of
> garrison factors outside the city than the depot garrison of 10 factors.
> suspect that would normally be a poor choice as garrison factors don't
> retreat and typically have lousy leader values so you'd usually want your
> corps outside where they could withdraw or whatever and survive, but you
> could fight with the garrison factors instead of the corps if you wanted
> to.  I could see Turkey doing it as their garrison factors have a point
> more moral than most of their corps factors.

If you read, it says that city garrisons may _not_ be used in a
field combat in the city's area, only depot garrisons (along with corps and
other mobile forces) can be so used.  The only exception to this is a
limited field combat, where an attack is made to relieve a city garrison
under seige.  In this case, some or all of the city garrison can participate
(see; I think this (i.e., the limited mobility of garrisons) is
the reason that limited field combats can only last one day.


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