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Re: [eia] France's land phase orders

At 11:14 PM 7/7/02 -0400, you wrote:
I have one question about Mike's interpretation of the depot garrison rules.
If the depot garrison and the city garrison are in different locations zero
movement apart, then why does the depot garrison have to be a part of the
city's capacity ?  Using the example of Constantinople, why couldn't you
have a city garrison of 25, with up to 10 additional factors garrisoning the
depot in the area outside the city ?  Of course, if the city is already
full, this takes away the option of switching factors from the depot
garrison into the city garrison, but why should the depot garrison, which is
outside the city, have to make up part of the city's maximum capacity ?

It doesn't. The total factors that could be left as garrison factors at Constantinople would be 25 without a depot present and 35 with a depot present. But garrison factors have to have something to garrison to be dropped off, unlike corps which can be anywhere you want to leave them. The corps could be present outside of the city in any numbers, but the garrison could have no more than 10 factors associated with the depot. all remaining garrison forces would have to be city garrison in any situation where it mattered. Since a city garrison can choose to fight rather than accepting a siege, about the only time it would matter that only 10 factors can be assigned to a depot is if you want to drop a really big garrison someplace. I think I did screw up that only ten garrison factors could choose to remain outside of the city. The city garrison does not have to retire, so you could retire corps into the city and leave a larger number of garrison factors outside the city than the depot garrison of 10 factors. I suspect that would normally be a poor choice as garrison factors don't retreat and typically have lousy leader values so you'd usually want your corps outside where they could withdraw or whatever and survive, but you could fight with the garrison factors instead of the corps if you wanted to. I could see Turkey doing it as their garrison factors have a point more moral than most of their corps factors.


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