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[Spoon-business] CFI 1748

If one can forgive my not noticing this CFI had been assigned to me, and if the 
judgment can still be accepted, here it is.  Otherwise, perhaps the members of the 
Upper House will take this opinion under advisement.

CFI 1748:

Statement: At the time of this CFI's submission, the score of the player named 
Wonko was not zero. 
Plaintiff: Wonko 
Defendant: None 
Assigned Judge: Glotmorf 

Plaintiff's Analysis: 
By r1282/1, Seniority, a player who has been playing the game for over two 
realtime years is awarded a win. Five days before the issuance of this CFI, 
Rob reached eir two-year mark; the next day, Iain reached theirs. There is 
some question regarding who was able to win, based on Charm and Activity, 
but that is not the issue of this CFI, as it is clear that in any case, one of them 
has been awarded a Win. 

In accordance with r22/7, Post-Win Reset, in the event of a Win being 
awarded, all dimensions except Respect for all players are set to zero. 

Thus, as of the win awarded to either Rob or Iain, all players' scores became 
zero under r22/7, including the score of Wonko. 

However, at the time this happened, Wonko possessed 292 points. 

Under r1248/1, Speed Limit, "If at any time the difference between a player's 
Score and what it was at the beginning of the nweek is greater than 250, eir 
score is immediately set to the value that would make the difference equal to 

At the beginning of the nweek, then, Wonko had 292 points. As soon as the 
win was awarded, e had 0. The difference between 292 and 0 is greater than 
250, therefore Wonko's score, under r1248, is set to "the value that would 
make the difference equal to 250". 

This then leads to the question of what value it is set to - 42 and 542 both 
fulfill the requirement that the difference between them and 292 is 250. The 
judge of this CFI is encouraged to explain exactly what the current value is, 
as r1248 refers to "the value", when in fact there are two such values. 

However, in any case, Wonko's score is either 42, 542, or undefined; it cannot 
be zero. 

Judge's ruling:

I find this statement to be True, and that, in the spirit of Rule 22, eir score 
would be 42.

Judge's analysis:

Per the terms of Rule 22, Wonko's score would be set to zero.  Per the terms 
of Rule 1248, Wonko's score would be set back to 42.  These rules are not in 
conflict, since they do not address the same situation simultaneously; r22 
addresses a situation at one point in time, and r1248 addresses a subsequent 
situation at a later time.

I have said.

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