David E. Smith on 30 Jul 2003 01:55:25 -0000

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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday night)

I never actually deleted any charters, so I don't think my statement has
any effect. But it certainly stirred up the shit...

Wild Card rules FALSE on CFI 1610. As an odd consequence, BvS ceases to
recognize an imminent state of emergency.

(Someone needs to find a clean way to handle this, so that SOEs are tied
to a given incident or timeframe. Preferably without touching Rule 0
itself, because it's just a thing of beauty.)

Glotmorf rules TRUE on CFI 1602.

p1613 is not revised to "Scams and Straw Polls" (after deadline).

Glotmorf revises the charter of Nzurich.

bd returns from Leave.

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