Rob Speer on 29 Jul 2003 21:37:40 -0000

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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 46 BALLOT

I vote:

NO > Proposal 1589/1: Setting Stuff on Fire For Fun and Profit (Baron von Skippy)
YES > Proposal 1590/1: Quote Prop by Teucer (Teucer)
NO > Proposal 1593/0: In Case of Magazine Article, Break Glass (Baron von Skippy)
YES > Proposal 1594/0: You'd be surprised (Wonko)
YES > Proposal 1595/1: Quote prop by BvS (Baron von Skippy)
NO > Proposal 1596/2: Sovereignty (Teucer)
NO > Proposal 1597/1: Freedom! (Baron von Skippy)
[[Sorry, I'm not in a seceding kind of mood.]]
YES > Proposal 1598/1: The Checkpointly Recognizer (M-Tek)
YES > Proposal 1599/1: You Can't Even Do That When You're NOT Drunk! (M-Tek)
YES > Proposal 1600/0: What was that again? (Glotmorf)
YES > Proposal 1601/0: Cleaning Up the Bits and Pieces (Wonko)
YES > Proposal 1603/1: Political Go (Rob)
SHELVE > Proposal 1604/3: Gutting the Carcass (Anything McGee)
[[ WTF is with the riders? I wouldn't mind repealing stuff, but I don't
want the Council of Elders coming back. ]]

[[The following proposals attempted the failure scam, and deserve to
fail for that.]]
NO > Proposal 1605/1: T-shirt Fix (Anything McGee)
NO > Proposal 1606/1: Deputy Fix (Anything McGee)
NO > Proposal 1607/3: Proposal and Comatose Fixes (Anything McGee)

NO > Proposal 1608/4: No Refunds (SkArcher)
YES > Proposal 1609/0: Quote Prop by SkArcher (SkArcher)
YES > Proposal 1611/2: Players (Baron von Skippy)
NO > Proposal 1612/0: What does not kill me nets me a title (Fatally
 		 Flawed) (Baron von Skippy)
NO > Proposal 1613/1: Scams (Baron von Skippy)
NO > Proposal 1614/0: Glotmorf's profit prop (Glotmorf)
YES > Proposal 1615/0: Power Outage (SkArcher)
NO > Proposal 1617/0: Quote Prop by Glotmorf (Glotmorf)
[[It wasn't _that_ clever.]]
NO > Proposal 1618/0: Quote Prop by Anything McGee (Anything McGee)
NO > Proposal 1619/0: Subgame Fora (SkArcher)
NO > Proposal 1621/0: I Could Already Be A Winner (Teucer)
YES > Proposal 1622/0: Quote Prop by Wild Card (Wild Card)
NO > Proposal 1623/0: Exploit it as far as we can go (Wild Card)
NO > Proposal 1624/0: lets not (SkArcher)
Rob Speer

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