Baron von Skippy on 30 Jul 2003 04:59:45 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Just because I like the mayhem

First off, I Kick Wonko in the Ass for unbridled hostility towards myself, and again for unbridled hostility towards Glotmorf.

Rationale: E kicked us for trying to win. Given the spirit of this game, that's decidedly hostile.

And then, as a side note, I cause Wonko to forfeit.

Rationale: Nothing says I can't - permissibility of the unprohibited. And it isn't a gamestate change , since players aren't defined and thus I'm not changing the gamestate by "removing" a "player" who doesn't exist in the context of the game /anyway/ from the game.

Too bad the Anal Bum Covers prop failed. I'm gonna need Buttplating soon.

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