Jonathan D. Amery on 4 Jun 2002 23:40:50 -0000

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spoon-business: Re: Proposed r0 proposal

Refresh proposal:

 All normal gameplay ceases.

 Players are anyone who was a player during nweek 16, plus the

 spoon-business@xxxxxxxxx is a public forum.

 spoon-discuss@xxxxxxxxx is not a public forum.

 Constitutional changes may be proposed on any public forum by any
player, and may change anything.

 Any constitutional change that is objected to by two players less
than 72 hours after it was proposed is defeated, and is removed from
consideration and ceases to exist.

 Any constitutional change that has not been objected to by two
players is put into affect 72 hours after it was proposed.  

 If at any point no constitutional change has been accepted within the
last three days, and it is at least 5 days after the process started,
then normal gameplay resumes at the beginning of nweek 18.