bd on 4 Jun 2002 23:29:56 -0000

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Fwd: spoon-business: Refresh proposal

Replace my current refresh proposal with  the following refresh proposal:

	Replace the paragraph after {{ A.7. Garbage Cans }} in rule 441/2 with the
	following text:
		There exist objects called Garbage Cans. Garbage Cans are passable,
		stationary objects. There is a Garbage Can at each Elbonian Airways
		location. Any player who holds a Gnome and is in a square consecutive to a
		square that conatains a Garbage Can may Throw Out a Gnome in eir
 possession, destroying the Gnome and gaining 1 point.
	Set all player's score dimensions to 10.
	Destroy all gnomes.
	Cancel all pending actions.
	Set the number of points in the vSOI gnome account to 0.
	Increase bd's Respace by 1. [[ for fixing this mess ]]
	Restart the clock.