Wonko on 6 Jun 2002 23:13:29 -0000

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spoon-business: Refresh Proposal

I submit another Refresh Proposal:

__Rinse and Repeat__

Replace the number 5 in Subsection A.7 of Rule 441 with a 1.

Give Wonko the title, "Lord of the Gnome Scam".

Give Baron von Skippy [[ Wonko couldn't have done it without em ]] and
Glotmorf [[ for realizing it in its more insidious form ]] the title,
"Knight of the Gnome Scam".

Destroy all DimShips.

Destroy all Gnomes.

Empty the Gnome Fund.

Set the Gremlin Fund to 100 points.

Set all player's scores to 0.

Put all players into Limbo.

Discard all proposals made since the end of nweek 16 with no penalty to
their submitters.

Adjust the gamestate so that the following CFIs are judged REFUSED,
appealed, and immediately judged REFUSED again: 756, 757, 758, 762, 764,
766, 767, 768, 772.

Append to r493 the following text:
"Players may not possess, purchase or launch DimShips."

Create the following rule:
__Dead Time__ {*(uncategorize), 10}

No proposals may be submitted or voted on. This rule supercedes all other
rules. At the end of each nweek, this rule repeals itself.

Change the Gamestate so that no player is recognizing an Emergency.
[[Unneccesary, but let's be safe]]

Restart the Clock.