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spoon-business: CFI 754 Appeal

On 5/30/02 at 2:55 PM Naath Thabana wrote:

>Statement: Wonko has won the game since the start of
>nweek 16.
>Judgement: Indeed e did.
>Resoning: Dimships do not look at your dimensions
>every second, they only look at your dimensions when
>they establish you 'new' dimensions.  This means that
>when you buy you first it look at your actuall
>dimensions and adds whatever buyancy you selected to
>these.  Then, a second dimship will look at you're
>'new' dimensions when it goes to find your 'real'
>This does not mean you are in two places at once.
>1) you never actually left where you started.
>and 2) in any case this is like, if you had a car that
>ran out of fuel after 20 miles, then you got another
>car from there that went 20 miles and ran out of fuel
>Yes Wonko did manage to increase his score beyond
>1000, so he won.
>So we can declared Wonko victorious in B-nomic.
>Ignore everything else that went on since and start
>all over again.  I suggest calling it C-nomic.

As a Member of the Upper House, I rule CFI 754 to be FALSE.


Wonko's claimed Win stems from eir assertion that owning five DimShips, each set at buoyancy of Entropy 100, results in a cumulative Entropy of approximately 541, which led to a sequence of events culminating in eir scoring a Win.

For five DimShips to produce a cumulative buoyancy, Rule 493, the DimShips rule, must apply to itself, in that the buoyancy of one DimShip can be added to the virtual dimensions produced by another DimShip to in turn produce new virtual dimensions.

If Rule 493 can be applied to itself, it would be impossible to determine virtual dimensions, since virtual dimensions are based on real dimensions, and the rule would require any check of real dimensions to use virtual dimensions instead; this would have resulted in the game being in a state of paradox from the earliest check of a virtual dimension, which was some time prior to Wonko's actions, which would mean Wonko did not take eir actions and thus did not score a Win.

If Rule 493 cannot be applied to itself, then the buoyancy of multiple DimShips is not cumulative, which would invalidate Wonko's claim, which would mean Wonko did not score a Win.

Therefore, under no circumstances did Wonko score a Win.

I have said.