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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Voting Results

James Baxter wrote:
I notice you've included The Blue Chromium agreement's votes. From looking through my email inbox, the message that made The Blue Chromium Agreement a Faction was sent after the message in which alleigance was given. Allegiance cannot be given to something which is not a faction and alleigiance was not given after it became a faction so it cannot count as a registered voter.

I submit a consultation with Billy Pilgrim as unbeliever and the reasoning given above:

Was The Blue Chromium agreement able to vote in nweek 157?
Yes, because his giving Allegiance took place at 23:55 UTC nday 8. Please see rule 1-10, "An Outsider may post a message to a Public Forum specifying that he will perform a specified Game Action at a specified time in the future [[UTC or with reference to starts and ends of ndays]]. A Game Action performed in this manner takes place at the time specified by the Outsider."


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