Jamie Dallaire on Thu, 10 Jan 2008 23:20:54 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Fire sale!

OK. So let's be clear: I or anyone else could purchase a NanoSwarm ntoday as
of 00:00 UTC, regardless of whether or not the Minister of Goods had updated
the public display to show the Michael Crichton's Prey blueprint, and
regardless of whether or not the Minister of Goods had "made it available
for sale" (whatever that means). And it also doesn't matter whether the
Minister of Goods recognizes the sale or not. In fact, if he didn't
recognize it within 4 rdays, HE would lose his ministry rather than the
buyer losing their device.

Let's also be clear: A consultation established that there existed at the
time (and I think that still applies) 5 rapiers within the game. It is now
pondered. In other words, the rapier that used to be owned by pikhq still
exists somewhere in the ether. That said, the consultation did not in any
way make the owner of that rapier "nobody" or even confirm that "nobody" was
the owner. The owner of the rapier might just as well be "everybody" or
"anybody" or "the first player who yells CREAMPUFF".


Let's be even more clear: Nothing in the rules allows (and we all know that
any actions not explicitly permitted by the rules cannot influence the
gamestate) the MoG to take an item of unknown ownership (be it a rapier or a
mutation ray) and put it up for sale. There exists absolutely no mechanism
for selling already existing devices other than informal contracts between a
buyer and THE OWNER. Even if there existed such a mechanism, nothing
indicates that the MoG would have control over it.

Let's by crystal clear: Dang, I've forgotten my last point.

Codae's stabbing of 0x44 duly noted (if he does have one of the existing
rapiers, which iirc he doesn't. will check).

Billy Pilgrim
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