Aaron Coquet on Mon, 26 Nov 2007 21:37:13 +0100 (CET)

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[s-d] Aaron C's Refresh Porposal

I submit the following refresh proposal:
The day is set to nday 1: Breakday [[to give us more time for the next
All Pending proposals are marked as Historical with a win-state of Lost. No
changes to points or wins are made as a result of this.
The proposals which are currently Pending are all automatically re-submitted
by their original authors.
All ministries are Vacated.

All players who have been players for one full nWeek gain the active
All players who have not been players for one full nWeek cease to be
[[This gives everyone who already is a player a chance to be one, and if
there is debate about whether or not anyone is a player, they can try to
join again.]]

All Devices that exist are transformed into the price that was paid for them
in Mack.
Al Blueprints are destroyed.

All rules between 3-12 and 3-14 inclusive are repealed.

A player is created with the name "The Nomic"
"The Nomic" submits a proposal to add back rule 3-12
"The Nomic" submits a proposal to add back rule 3-13
"The Nomic" submits a proposal to add back rule 3-14
"The Nomic" ceases to be a player.
[[I can't think of anything else that needs to be covered. Please let me
know if you think of anything.]]

Aaron C
"H. P. Lovecraft is Rock and Roll" -- Neil Gaiman
Don't Panic!
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