Ed Murphy on Wed, 21 Nov 2007 08:28:16 +0100 (CET)

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[s-d] AFO disclosure

For reference, the AFO is defined by the body of text at the end of
this message, and its members are me, comex, and Levi (another Agoran
player).  Agora explicitly defines such an agreement as a person,
provided that it transfers its legal obligations onto two or more of
its members (there's also an anti-redundancy-loophole clause).  B Nomic
may or may not decide to accept this by reference.

I present the following arguments, and will let Priest Hose decide
which of them (if any) hold water.  I also politely ask Priest Hose
to state whether e would interpret the situation differently if comex
was not a player of B Nomic in eir own right.

   a) The AFO is an entity distinct from any of its members.

   b) For the purpose of actions in B Nomic, "announcing" in item 4 of
      the agreement is satisfied by posting to spoon-business.  (Agora
      explicitly ties "by announcement" to its agora-business list.)

   c) If I can cause the AFO to act at all, then I can cause it to
      speak, think, and send and receive e-mail, and thus cause it
      to pass a Membership Test.

[begin text]
1. This is a binding agreement governed by the Rules of Agora. Parties
to this agreement are known as Partners.

2. The Partners shall jointly act as a partnership, in a manner
governed by this agreement.  The ability of each Partner to act as an
individual is not thereby impaired.  The partnership shall be known as
the Association of Federated Organizations.

3. The AFO may incur obligations, rights, and privileges under the
Rules of Agora.  The Partners may act on behalf of the AFO to satisfy
such obligations and to exercise such rights and privileges, as
permitted by this agreement.

4. Any Partner may act on behalf of the AFO by announcing the action
and clearly indicating that it is performed by the AFO. This is the
only mechanism by which the AFO can act.

5. The Partners shall ensure that the AFO obeys the Rules of Agora to
the maximum possible extent.

6. This agreement may be amended by the unanimous consent of the

7. New Partners may be admitted to this agreement by the unanimous
consent of the current Partners.  Partners may leave the agreement by
giving notice to all other Partners.  If the number of Partners falls
below two, then this agreement shall terminate and the AFO shall
[end text]

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