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Re: [s-d] [s-b] My votes (finally!)


We need a proposal unilaterally declaring the Agoran forums as part of
our game state?

Daniel Lepage wrote:
> It's possible for a proposal to order someone to take an action, but  
> it's impossible for a proposal to *force* someone to take an action,  
> any more than a proposal to stop the sun would force the sun to stop.
> A proposal can request that a player take an action, and can offer in- 
> game incentive (i.e. giving/taking points), but by itself a proposal  
> that just says "Player X will do Y" is meaningless.
> One could even argue that it's not a proposal, since by definition a  
> proposal is a list of changes *to the gamestate* and, for example,  
> the Agoran forums are not part of our gamestate.

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