Aaron Coquet on Mon, 30 Jul 2007 10:47:36 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] I'll make my own faction then

On 7/30/07, Antonio Dolcetta <antonio.dolcetta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Aaron Coquet wrote:
> <snip>
> > Zach's Ream Of Paper consent to be a member of Ream-o-Nomic. I consent
> > to be a member of Ream-o-Nomic.
> > </hypothetical>
> This is more or less identical to my attempt, the only difference I can
> see in a quick read is that Ream-o-Nomic has 501 members while The Paper
> Tiger only has 2

That section is virtually identical, yes.

> > And,
> >
> > <hypothetical>
> > On behalf of each individual sheet of paper, I submit the following
> > email to the business forum. I do so each time from a different email
> > address, which conforms to the format "sheetXXX@xxxxxxxxx" where XXX
> > is a number between 001 and 500, and for each email sent, all
> > instances of XXX in the email are replaced by the same number as is in
> > the email address.
> > "I, Sheet XXX of The Ream, hereby join B Nomic as a player."
> > </hypothetical>

> this one fails because the sheets cannot pass a membership test.
> I suppose the sheets are inanimate and not actually sentient.
> unless your ream of paper. 8.5" x 11", 28 lb white laser printer paper,
> produced by hammermill, was in fact some sort of mysterious alien being
> camouflaged as a ream of paper...

The membership test is:
    *  Proof of uniqueness from all other known sentient beings
[[Whether this is a physical difference, such as fingerprints on a
human, or a different set of experiences, such as an Artificially
Intelligent computer might possess, is up to the being wishing to
become a member. However, a name alone is not enough to prove

This is the poosition of the mark I made, which I defined as
"different from the sheet above or from any other sheet"

    * Refer to one's self in the first person singular without being
awkward [[ I.E., "I think, therefore I am" rather than "We think,
therefore we am" or "I am The World, I am The Children"]]
"I, Sheet 123 of The Ream..."
    * Send, and receive a reply to, an email to another entity
...using me as a proxy...
    * Be capable of thought as an individual. [[I.E. No Borg or Group
"I do this of my own free will".

Zach's Ream Of Paper pass all of those requirements as shown above.
The only one in question is whether I can be a proxy for the email
sender / receiver, and I think we decided that was valid.

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