Roger Hicks on Thu, 12 Jul 2007 14:08:19 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Reassignments; Consultation 23

On 7/12/07, Geoffrey Spear <geoffspear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Huh.  In cleaning up the wiki page for Consultation 22 and checking
> the mailing list archive I discovered that it had actually been
> previously Answered as FALSE, creating a paradox since if Antonio
> wasn't the Oracle at the time it was submitted he lacked the authority
> to assign it to Peter, who therefore lacked the authority to Answer
> it. It doesn't appear that anyone remarked on this at the time.
> I'm pretty sure this means that the Consultation was actually still
> Waiting when I came upon it and that my reassignment was legal,
> although for a different reason than I thought at the time.

I don't have time to search the archives and confirm, but I believe I
took the same actions as Oracle as Antonio specifically so that any
answered consultations would be valid regardless of who the Oracle
actually was.

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