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Re: [s-d] Oracle report

On Thursday 21 June 2007, Roger Hicks wrote:
> Priest BobTHJ determines the following:
> > Consultation 5
> > Supplicant: Comex
> >
> > > If all Game Objects other than the Rules and the Player
> > >
> >  > named Wonko were destroyed, would it
> >  > be possible for me (the Supplicant of this Consultation)
> >  > to become a Player?

The Game Object that is the player "comex" would be destroyed in the 
hypothetical situation, therefore the fact that I am one is not an issue.

The reason I called that consultation is that if indeed there was only one 
Player, theoretically nothing could allow Players to communicate and 
therefore there would be no valid forums for me to become a player in.  

I also call into question your judgement of consultation 7, as player != 
outsider.  PEPs, for example, are outsiders but can be not players.

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