Antonio Dolcetta on Thu, 14 Dec 2006 02:17:42 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] And speaking of Grids....

Mark Walsh wrote:
> And speaking of Grids....
> I've recently revisited an old interest of mine:
> Conway's Game of Life.
> It has spawned the kernal of an idea for a possible
> subgame.
> A short overview of the concept is available at:
> <'s_Game_of_Life> 
> The following site has a more extensive list of links,
> some downloadable source code and applications,
> and a nice java applet that has some preloaded
> examples of some of the more interesting discoveries
> made in this virtual world.
> <> 
> My initial concept would be to allow players a starting number
> of live 'cells'. That number could be expanded and manipulated
> by having the players achieve any of a given set of goals (such
> as growth, period of oscillation, total cells alive, etc.).
> I've got an engine coded in VB for excel now (limited, of course,
> to the finite memory in my machine). The applet in the above link
> can be manually filled in, and appears to have a capacity in area 
> far greater than the finite 41x41 space I've coded (I can easily
> increase the area of mine.)
> I'm not sure how I would implement this by rule yet, but
> I'd like to get some feedback to see if it's worth pursuing.
> Triller

The game of life and cellular automata in general are always a classic.

just some random thoughts
1) how do you manage generation cycles ? one per nweek or even per nday 
goes nowhere fast. maybe 100 per nday could be intresting

2) i am supposing that you mark each cell with a colour or letter to 
match a player, what happens when cells from player A and player B meet 
and reproduce ? do AB cells come out ?

3) if a player were to construct one of the "intresting" shapes that 
take hundreds of cells to make, it would be very easy for a second 
player to wreck it completely by adding just one of two cells, that's 
not very much fun

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