Mark Walsh on Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:01:32 -0700 (MST)

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[s-d] And speaking of Grids....

And speaking of Grids....

I've recently revisited an old interest of mine:
Conway's Game of Life.

It has spawned the kernal of an idea for a possible
A short overview of the concept is available at:


The following site has a more extensive list of links,
some downloadable source code and applications,
and a nice java applet that has some preloaded
examples of some of the more interesting discoveries
made in this virtual world.


My initial concept would be to allow players a starting number
of live 'cells'. That number could be expanded and manipulated
by having the players achieve any of a given set of goals (such
as growth, period of oscillation, total cells alive, etc.).

I've got an engine coded in VB for excel now (limited, of course,
to the finite memory in my machine). The applet in the above link
can be manually filled in, and appears to have a capacity in area 
far greater than the finite 41x41 space I've coded (I can easily
increase the area of mine.)

I'm not sure how I would implement this by rule yet, but
I'd like to get some feedback to see if it's worth pursuing.


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