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Re: [s-d] Proposal: you know you want 'em

> > But I think that game actions should be kept as simple as possible.
> Well, Game Actions are a pretty fundamental part of the game, and the
> game is bound to get complex... :)

Which is not the same as saying that game actions themselves need to
get complex.  A complex game can be made up from simple elements, and
often that is the best way.

> > Or are we assuming that you have to be a programmer to play bnomic?
> > That doesn't sound right.
> There's a somewhat-surprisingly high correlation between programmers
> and nomic players, it seems. But no, anyone with an interest in rules
> that change rules should be able to play. :)

My point is that in that case, we should be careful about using such
terms as "transaction scoping" when we talk about rule changes - let
alone writing them into the game.

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