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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Proposal: The rot sets in

> As it stands, the thing doesn't actually seem particularly evil to
> me. Am I missing something?

Well, people are suggesting it's broken.  If it actually passed as it
is now it would have a pretty unpleasant effect on the game...

> Historical Fun Fact: The original Bob the Voting Fish was actually
> designed to prevent kickbacks like the one you had at the bottom of
> this prop. The rule was basically that if a proposal tried to refer
> to the players who voted FOR it, or if a rule created by a proposal
> did, etc., then the votes would all appear to have come from Bob the
> Voting Fish.

Then adding "evil" seems completely apropos to me.

> But my prop can also specify that it destroys the other props. Then
> it becomes another Telephone - the first player to respond wins. I am
> opposed to these in general, because they reward people with more
> free time.

Me too.  I'm working on it.  The key is in my stupid screw up that Bob
acts as if he could vote as many times as he likes.  He can't, so he's
not that powerful.  Bob^2  would be less powerful but last longer, I

BTW I really don't have any emotional capital on this one.  I'd like
to see Posts pass because I'd really like to see ruletag pass next
week or whenever; but this was just a "wow! wouldn't that throw the
cat among the pigeons!" thing.  Go ahead and vote against...
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