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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Proposal: The rot sets in

As usual, Wonko, killer commentary.  As usual, if I don't say anything
I agree and will rewrite.

> In fact, it's not all that crazy;

But crazy enough for you not to vote for it, right?  ::grin::

> (which made it a valid strategy to try
> to force a prop through by knocking people out and dragging them down
> the stairs to the Dynamic Room).

Ha!  I love that.

> For historical reasons, I'd love it if this were named "Bob the
> Voting Fish".

I'm going with "Bob the evil voting fish" if that's okay with you.

> Should this pass, I will immediately submit X props, where X is three
> times the number of players, each defining some fairly trivial means
> of transferring votes from other players to myself, and each also
> including as a subclause that I Win, and that all other proposals
> that nweek are treated as thought every vote cast on them were AGAINST.

That's sort of the point.  But everyone else will be doing the same
thing, remember.  However, maybe I can tweak the thing a little.

> The voting machine will vote FOR all of these with much more power
> than the combined other players can stop, so all will pass, and in
> doing so will negate any other props trying to the same thing.

Don't forget that each time Bob helps pass a proposal, it is also
helping itself to become weaker, because it gives away votes.

> 1. I disapprove of legislative kickbacks and will vote against this
> prop simply because it tries to reward those who vote against it.

Are people more likely to pass this one if the kickback clause is
removed?  Anyone else have an opinion?
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