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[s-d] attributes redux

How's this look for another treatment of Attributes?  The only major
change is that any object can have attributes, not just Players, which
was really the main reason.  That and wanting to head off any need for
formalisms such as types or ranges, because Rules themselves already
serve for constraints and interpretation on anything and everything.

(Admin: not a proposal yet, just a discussion)

Any Game Object may possess a non-negative, finite number of
Attributes.  No Attribute may be created, assigned to an object, or
removed from an object except as expressly permitted by the Rules.

An Attribute is defined as a Game Object that contain the following values:
	* A name.
	* A value.
An attribute's name shall consist only of alphanumeric characters.

An attribute's value may potentially represent whatever its definition
specifies.  The actual interpretation of an Attribute's value is
specified by the rule that creates the Attribute or allows for its
[[Explanation: an attribute may be defined by anything such as "the
integer 876", "the string ''foobar''", or "the essence of three
turnings of Vanatu's aura".  The interpretation of what these values
"mean" are up to the creator, then ultimately to the judges.
Hopefully no one would vote for the creation of something as bizarre
as the third unless they're up for some "interesting" RFJs]].

No Attribute may be created that lacks either a name or a value.

No Attribute may be given to a Game Object if the Game Object already
possesses an attribute with an identical name.

The Rules may specify constraints on an Attribute's value, such as
what is considered a valid value, what Game Objects it may be applied
to.  No change of an Attribute's value is permitted if it would would
violate these constraints.
[[ Technically this clause is redundant, because if you write a rule
constraining the value, it already has a self-enforcing effect. ]]

No element of a Game Object shall be interpreted as an Attribute
unless specifically referred to as an Attribute by the Rules.
[[ Thus, player names aren't Attributes because nothing says it's an
Attribute, nor are Properties attributes.  ]]

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