Daniel Peter Lepage on Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:09:37 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] What news?

> Thus spake "Daniel Peter Lepage":
>> > I do note that discussion in the archives is recently rather lighter
>> > than I remembered - signs that the existing game had become stale?
>> Yeah, activity has faded a lot lately, mostly because nobody seems to
>> have
>> enough time to fully grok the rules. There are too many things to keep
>> track of, and not enough time to keep track of them all.
> Sepaking of keeping track of it all:
> 1. I'd be happy to host bnomic.org again, but,
> 2. I need to know what needs setting up, and
> 3. I'd like to try to pull together the debris from the current game
> and either archive it if you're starting over, or put it back together
> in an operable state if you're continuing. How might I do that? Where
> is all of the stuff?

All that's left is whatever Dave rescued from the now-defunct server. He
said he had the bnomic directory, which contains all the current data
(MoinMoin by default stores everything in flat files because they didn't
want to depend on external database libraries); in theory, simply dropping
that whole thing on a new server would immediately set everything up
again. Given the data and a server account, I can help do that, but if
we're going to reset much of the gamestate and use different software, it
might be better to start off with a clean account and a new mediawiki

As for archiving historical data, there are two major chunks of data. The
first is the game data from before the first rules reset. That was all
stored in the MySQL database on bnomic.org, using Dave's scripts to view
and search them. I don't know how much of that survived the server
breakdown. When we reset the rules about a year ago, we moved everything
over to MoinMoin; that's the many megs sitting in the bnomic directory
that Dave saved from the server. In theory that's the "current" data, but
it looks like we're about to turn it into historical data as well.


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