Daniel Peter Lepage on Mon, 19 Jun 2006 08:14:14 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] spoon-discuss Digest, Vol 35, Issue 8

> I've been watching for a long time but I've yet to have the time to
> play.  I was thinking that I would eventually get the time to read all
> the rules and then join the game once I felt that I could keep up with
> it and knew all the nuances.  I've been watching these emails and see
> that its been struggling.
> Anyway, just to add my two cents, mediawiki is a great wiki program and
> would probably help on maintenance and such and I would be for starting
> the rules from scratch although perhaps if its been going on for so many
> years that would be a loss of heritage.  Since its the longest running
> continuous online nomic game, etc.  Anyway, just saying hello.

Hello, Peter!

We can't actually claim "longest running continuous online nomic game".
We're in third for that. Nomicron started about two months before we did,
and the longest running is Agora, which started nine or ten years before
we did, and so is now something like fifteen years old.

But we can certainly reboot the rules without destroying the game; indeed,
we've done things close to that a number of times, and we've actually done
that once (see
for the final version of that prop). I'd be in favor of doing that again,
maybe keeping some of the fundamental changes we've made since then but
throwing out all the extra bits of unused gameplay.


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