Mark Walsh on Thu, 15 Jun 2006 01:15:42 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] What news?

On 6/14/06 11:05:10 AM Eugene sent:
> Subject: Re: [s-d] What news?
> I think you should consider mediawiki, the wiki used by wikipedia.
> > 1) It must store Rules and present them to users through a web browser.
> Does that the same as the moinmoin wiki or whatever we had.
> > 2) It must let us sort the Rules into groups and subgroups, for
> > and Sections.
> I know it can do categories and we can do such a thing manually. I'd
> have to check of we can make it automated.
> > 3) It must be easy to create, destroy, and modify Rules, as well as to
> > move Rules between sections and between books, all using a web
> I don't think it'd be too hard to do.
> > 4) It should be easy to modify the definition of a Rule, for example to
> > add new fields and set defaults across existing rules.
> Media wiki has a very powerful templating system that would do exactly
> what you want. For example you could have something like {{Rulename|
> Actualrule|Section|Chutzpah}} in the page code and it would render the
> rule however you wanted based on the actual template. In that way to
> make a massive change like chutzpuh all you have to do is alter the
> template and add the chutzpah amount for each of the rules. Even better
> you can have defaults so if you don't add it in it will deafult to 1.
> > 5) It should allow some form of history, so that we can view old
> > of the rules.
> It's a wiki so this part is covered.
I wish I could paint a rosy picture as to my adeptness at dealing
with the above stated issues. Sadly, I've been doing my best to
maintain a presence with my current skills. I haven't a clue how to
deal with setting up a DB on a hosting engine, and am barely
capable of translating text to Wiki (which is basically all that my
vaunted macros do, albiet in both directions).
I'm a quick study, but dealing with the afore mentioned administrative
duties is likely beyond my current abilities. I have doubts that ready
time will be available to QUICKLY acquire the requisite knowledge
of manipulating (what would be for me) a new language.

I've enjoyed playing the game, and accepted Ministerial duties that
I felt I could keep track of and execute. I'll end with that for now.


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