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Re: [s-d] What news?

So are you quitting or just pointing out you limitations or what?
Anyway I definitely think Mediawiki is the best way to go. Formatting is
generally the same but a little more extensive. The biggest difference
will be templating which isn't too hard to understand but will be
essential to making mass changes easy to introduce. I'll show you an

This would be the template:

{{{1}}} has the position of {{{2}}} and has a salary of {{{3}}} {{{4}}}
per {{{5}}}.

This might be what you put in the page code:


And this is what anyone not editing the page would see:

Bob has the position of President and has a salary of 23 Gnuts per

This would make mass changes to rules and other things much easier as
you could change the rule template and the formatting of all the rules
would be changed. 

Now some of the things would probably have to be done differently such
as voting but I think this is the best option. Now MediaWiki runs off
php and mysql like the phorum on . I'd be happy to help set it
up but I've only done it on a personal server I've had physical access

If we do go with this setup I'd be glad to help and get the pages all
set up so maintaining them is much easier.

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