Eugene Meidinger on Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:05:12 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] What news?

I think you should consider mediawiki, the wiki used by wikipedia.

> 1) It must store Rules and present them to users through a web browser.
Does that the same as the moinmoin wiki or whatever we had.
> 2) It must let us sort the Rules into groups and subgroups, for Rulebooks
> and Sections.
I know it can do categories and we can do such a thing manually. I'd
have to check of we can make it automated.
> 3) It must be easy to create, destroy, and modify Rules, as well as to
> move Rules between sections and between books, all using a web interface.
I don't think it'd be too hard to do.
> 4) It should be easy to modify the definition of a Rule, for example to
> add new fields and set defaults across existing rules.
Media wiki has a very powerful templating system that would do exactly
what you want. For example you could have something like {{Rulename|
Actualrule|Section|Chutzpah}} in the page code and it would render the
rule however you wanted based on the actual template. In that way to
make a massive change like chutzpuh all you have to do is alter the
template and add the chutzpah amount for each of the rules. Even better
you can have defaults so if you don't add it in it will deafult to 1.
> 5) It should allow some form of history, so that we can view old versions
> of the rules.
It's a wiki so this part is covered.

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