Mark Walsh on Thu, 26 Jan 2006 21:12:33 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] comex submits p352

On: 1/26/06 1:08:35 PM comex submitted:
> Subject: [s-b] [auto] comex submits p352
> ---------------------------------
> Motion 352/0: Lighting Invalidation Generates Heavy Trepidation
I should have been clearer. First pass was a touch and go.
> In Rule 10-1, remove the fifth bullet and add:
> {{
> * A Lighting Level which is initially 0
> * A state of being Internally Lit or Not Internally Lit
So we're replacing Lit/Dark with 2 values?
A numeric Lighting Level AND Internally Lit/Not
Internally Lit? Seems redundant, unless...
> While a Room is Internally Lit, its Lighting Level is increased by one. 
When a Room's Lighting Level is at least one, it is Lit; otherwise, it is
> }}
...'at least one' in the second sentence above connotes
that a Lighting Level higher than one is possible. It does to
me. Yet I don't see a mechanism for implementing this.
And if it can be higher than one, why not less than zero?
> Change the Effects Field of Lit Torch to:
> {{
> While a Room contains a Lit Torch, its Lighting Level is increased by
one. The Lit Torch is destroyed at the beginning of the next nweek.
> }}
> Change the Effects Field of Kirchhoff's Radiation Dampener to:
> {{
> Sacrifice: The Lighting Level of the Room in which the Radiator Dampener
was activated is decreased by one until the end of the nweek that it was
activated on.
> }}
> In the Ordinances of The Basement, change all occurrences of {{lit}} to
{{Internally Lit}}, and all occurences of {{dark}} to {{Not Internally
None of the above does anything to define precedence of
any effects field over any other. It all just seems to add the
unnecessary aliases of Internally Lit for Lit and Not Internally
Lit for Dark.
It seems your intention is 1/0 in a boolean sense, but "at least
one" belies that. Is there a companion proosal or addendum to
this one you're not letting on about yet?
Seems superfluous to me as yet.


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