Peter Cooper Jr. on Mon, 16 Jan 2006 20:33:09 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Re: Another Action

"Mark Walsh" <flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On: 1/16/06 2:49:39 PM Triller sent:
>> Subject: [s-b] Another Action
>> I give my Lit Torch to smartcowboy.
>> E must recognize receipt of it before I leave
>> the Front Hall, or else it will be in the Front Hall.
>> Then E or any other Player in the Front Hall
>> may pick it up.
> I recognize this. smartcowboy must post to a Public
> Forum that E takes possession of Triller's Lit Torch,
> else once Triller leaves the Front Hall the Lit Torch
> will be there, and up for grabs.

I thought we had somewhere this giving-to-other-players thing, but I
can't find where... Where do the rules allow you to do that and
does it describe the procedure?

Certainly you could drop it in the Front Hall, and e could pick it
up... But so could anyone else.

Which of course, begs the question, would the Hall be lit if the torch
were just dropped there? Looking at the effects of the Torch ("While a
Room contains a Lit Torch it is Lit."), I'd think so, but then, by the
lack of transitivity I was just trying to argue for a few messages
ago, the Lit Torch *wouldn't* do anything in a player's possession,
and it would *have* to be just in a room in order to light up the


Peter C.
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