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Re: [s-d] Re: [auto] Wonko submits p321

On Jan 1, 2006, at 9:41 PM, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:

Wonko has submitted a new Motion, p321.:
Motion 321/0: Guardians

I like the idea; I just have some nitpicky nits to pick. They're
pretty much all minor details.

=== Definition ===
Guardianships are Game Objects that confer power upon the players
holding them. Each Guardianship may be held by up to one player (the
Guardian of that Guardianship), but is initially unowned and can only
be claimed in a manner explicitly stated by the rules.

It seems redundant and unneeded to say that only the rules can make a
Guardianship be claimed. You can only do anything that a Game Object
lets you. And, if we wanted to make claiming one, say, an activated
ability on a particular Guardianship, then this might prevent that
from working.

Hmmm. I wasn't trying to force it to happen via the rules, but to make sure that you could only claim a Guardianship if some *explicitly* permitted it. This is on the grounds that I expect most of them to be spectacularly powerful positions, and I don't want someone to get one by any means unless those means are specifically designed for this.

=== Becoming a Guardian ===
A player may only get a Guardianship if a proposal passes giving it to
em; this causes the previous Guardian (if any) to lose possession of

Why limit it to proposals? I'd just not specify a means in the rules,
and we can confer it via proposal if needed. And if we really need to,
we can confer it via tweak or something else instead.

Again, this is because I'd like to make Guardianships really powerful without worrying about people claiming them by scams. I don't trust tweaks as much as I do proposals because they don't actually require an active affirmation by the majority to pass.

=== Ceasing to be a Guardian ===
Any player may cease to hold a Guardianship as a Game Action. Any
player may Expel a Guardian; if a majority of all players Expel a
Guardian within a single 2-nday period, then that Guardian immediately
ceases to hold that Guardianship.

I'd word the first part as "Guardships have {{0: Cease holding
this.}}" or something like that, keeping with my making everything
into objects with abilities. But that's just me, and this works just

But I'd suggest a paragraph break between the way to leave voluntarily
and Expelling, just to make the difference clearer. Also, you may want
to exclude Vatted or Under-a-rock players from your majority

Good point. Fix forthcoming.


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