Peter Cooper Jr. on Sun, 1 Jan 2006 20:41:08 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Re: [auto] Wonko submits p321

Wonko has submitted a new Motion, p321.:
> Motion 321/0: Guardians

I like the idea; I just have some nitpicky nits to pick. They're
pretty much all minor details.

> === Definition ===
> Guardianships are Game Objects that confer power upon the players
> holding them. Each Guardianship may be held by up to one player (the
> Guardian of that Guardianship), but is initially unowned and can only
> be claimed in a manner explicitly stated by the rules.

It seems redundant and unneeded to say that only the rules can make a
Guardianship be claimed. You can only do anything that a Game Object
lets you. And, if we wanted to make claiming one, say, an activated
ability on a particular Guardianship, then this might prevent that
from working.

> === Becoming a Guardian ===
> A player may only get a Guardianship if a proposal passes giving it to
> em; this causes the previous Guardian (if any) to lose possession of
> it.

Why limit it to proposals? I'd just not specify a means in the rules,
and we can confer it via proposal if needed. And if we really need to,
we can confer it via tweak or something else instead.

> === Ceasing to be a Guardian ===
> Any player may cease to hold a Guardianship as a Game Action. Any
> player may Expel a Guardian; if a majority of all players Expel a
> Guardian within a single 2-nday period, then that Guardian immediately
> ceases to hold that Guardianship.
> }}

I'd word the first part as "Guardships have {{0: Cease holding
this.}}" or something like that, keeping with my making everything
into objects with abilities. But that's just me, and this works just

But I'd suggest a paragraph break between the way to leave voluntarily
and Expelling, just to make the difference clearer. Also, you may want
to exclude Vatted or Under-a-rock players from your majority

Peter C.
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