Peter Cooper Jr. on Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:13:15 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] Re: [auto] JessicaCooper submits motion 183

> Motion 183/0: Don't object; only read, second.
> A Tweak by JessicaCooper
> Last modified on nweek 94, nday 6
> [[This is a list of minor rules changes which should not be
> problematic to anyone.]]

Actually, I have a problem with just about all of them.

> In rule 1-5/1, insert at the end of the last paragraph:
> {{
> This number is initially zero (0) and is incremented whenever the
> document is revised.
> }}  [[just making this explicit]]

It's already there, at the end of r1-5's first paragraph.

> In rule 1-6/0, add the text:
> {{
> and the full text of it, or a link to the full text,
> }}
> after the words "a full description of the Document".

I'm not so sure that's a good idea...

If I link to something on my web site, then I can update it whenever I
want. If submissions and revisions have to be sent to the mailing
list, then they can be better tracked.

> In 3-17/1, remove all commas from the second sentence.

That could be handled via Grammatical Tidiness.

> Change the words "than it would have otherwise" in the final
> paragraph to:
> {{
> than it actually did,
> }}
> and add the text
> {{
> unless it received no against votes
> }}

I don't really see the problem with it as currently worded. And I
prefer my approach as in p166 of just making anything that changes
votes into a Voting Entity.

> In rule 9-8/8, expunge the second bullet. [[wages for forts]]

That was already in Eugene's proposal 163. That proposal would resolve
before this Tweak does, meaning that if both the prop and this Tweak
passes, this Tweak would end up removing what is currently the third
bullet (the Game Action bonus based on current holdings).

Peter C.
"Subtlety is when you move the queen to two spaces from the piece it's
attacking instead of one."
		-- Me & Jessi
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