Peter Cooper Jr. on Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:02:43 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] Re: [auto] JessicaCooper submits p182

automailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> JessicaCooper has submitted a new proposal, p182.

That was me fixing the quotation marks and adding times to the top. I
forgot the "don't email change to spoon-business" box.

> ---------------------------------
> Proposal 182/0: Look lively! A loophole!  
> A Tweak by JessicaCooper
> Last modified on nweek 94, nday 6
> [[Manager's Note: This Tweak becomes Open Fri Jul 22 19:36:52 2005
> UT, and Resolves Thu Jul 28 19:36:52 2005 UT.]]
> [[This is a tweak, as it involves a minor rules change.  If you feel
> that tweak is the improper format for this, let me know so I can
> prop it.]]

Well, I tweak could work, but only if you think it will pass

> In rule 3-9/5, section 2.C, change "def" to {{definition}}.  

Well, that's there from your Sonnet prop putting it there, I think.

> In section 2.D, remove the second bullet point.

I'm not sure why you'd want to get rid of that...

> Add a period at the end of each bullet point in 2.D which does not
> already end in a period.


> After the word "fulfilled" in the closing paragraph, before the
> period, add:
> {{
> if they pass
> }}

While I don't mind the clarification, it may already be handled by the
second paragraph of section 1.

> [[I'm not sure what happened with the second bullet point.  I think
> it was originally intended to prevent players from gaining genechips
> for proposals which did not pass, and that genechips were awarded
> only if two conditions were met.  If so, it was hopelessly out of
> date and slightly misworded.  If anyone can think of a reason not to
> remove the second bullet point, I'll revise this.]]

The second bullet point of 2.D rewards close props... I'm not quite
following what you're saying at all here.

Peter C.
"And there was sleep deprivation only juniors can know, 
And seniors haven't worked off yet..."
		-- Jessi, "random memorabilia in nonprose form"
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