Peter Cooper Jr. on Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:30:26 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] Re: [auto] JessicaCooper submits motion 181

Whew. Thank you Sonnet, for going through all that for us.

A couple comments:

You included specific version numbers in your mention of each
rule. However, if something changes something in one of those rules
before your referendum resolves (such as my referendum 177), then it
might be interpreted that those parts of your referendum have no
effect, since a rule with that version number no longer exists (since
it's been updated with a new version number by the other motion).

In general, I find it's a good idea to try to make motions describe
their changes with a little flexibility, so that changes before it
don't break the motion. Sometimes it's useful to have conditional
logic, like my p169 which does different things depending on whether
p166 and p173 passed or not.

You misspelled "capitalize".

Peter C.
"I know I can count, I've done it before. No, wait a minute...."
		-- Me & Jessi
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