eugman on Thu, 21 Jul 2005 15:40:28 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-d] JessicaCooper submits p184 and I disagree!

> Proposal 184/0: Just one unimportant short topic [[joust]]
> A Proposal by JessicaCooper
> Last modified on nweek 94, nday 6
> In the rule 3-19/2, under “Necromancer”, change “does not 
> possess” to {{possesses}}.  [[There seems to be some consensus that this 
> was the intent, but I wasn’t sure.  Thus, this is its own item, and a 
> proposal, because it negates an existing rule.  I believe it got voted down 
> before, but I'm not sure it was a proposal, and I think it was part of a 
> package.]]

I will vote this down if it comes up. I like necromancer as is and believe  the lack of a soul was intened. Even if it is not I'll enumerate why it should be.

1. I like the idea of a soulless madman meddling with the undead.

2. Priests can ensoul a necromancer, thus providng a check on power.

3. It provides an incentive for binding or getting rid of your soul. 

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