flutesultan on Sat, 16 Jul 2005 21:24:50 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] Test Bounce - Banking Statement

   This needs a discuss bounce. I was elsewhere upon receipt.

     Subject:        Do not be alarmed! This is a drill!

     No weapons are to be unholstered during this excercise.
     Since I'm vying for banker, I'm working on a spreadsheet to do the math
     for me.
     I performed the backup duty for banker last nWeek, but the table I posted
     didn't translate across platforms.
     The data in the test bounce in question is from 11 July, and reflects end
     of nWeek 92 plus the other items from [s-b] listed in the annotations.

     I'm trying a few things to improve readability, and making adjustments in
     my Email settings to improve the formatting problems I've been having.

     There have been a number of good suggestions made, but I think a change in
     holdings is a matter of business, and a [s-b] posting provides a record
     and a trail for accountability purposes. I'm new to the Wiki thing, and
     don't know if previous iterations of a changed page are retained.

     I'm going to post my tests to discuss to avoid bogging down the business
     blog with gibberish.
     Clearly you acted this nWeek by voting and making tiles plays (BTW welcome
     back) and if I'm elected banker your changes in holdings will be duly
     reflected IAW the rules.

     You  may now return your stewardess to the fully upright and locked
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