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Re: [s-d] Re: Lotsa actions.

How about if an action is found to be illegal all dependant actions in the same email are considered illegal? Dependant being defined as the latter action having a different outcome if the legality of the former action were to be changed.

Just a thought.

> eugman@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Darn your right. I screwed up like this before when we added a delay
> > on talisman forging.  Do I have to redo the whole list of actions?
> No. Multiple actions in a public forum posting occur in order, and the
> failure of one does not imply the failure of everything else.
> I would like to add some sort of transaction support to Game Actions,
> such that if something doesn't work than nothing else works either, to
> be used when you don't want just half of your actions to fail. But I
> haven't quite figured out how to work that in.
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