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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Wonko votes

> Wonko's votes:
> Proposal 140/1: Game unleashing fun for all watchers.    : For
> Sounds like fun.

Being the idioit I am I forgot to make myself minister of this initially.

> Proposal 141/0: Richness exponentially increases Genechips?! NO! : For
> Proposal 142/1: Additional poetry ensures really  tantalizing, unusual rules 
> everywhere. : Against
> Actually, I quite like this, but I'm voting against it because the Voting 
> Gremlin and the spirit of Dan are for it. I refuse to cave into peer pressure 
> from the undead.

That belongs in the quote book.

> Proposal 143/1: Talismans are becoming unique!           : For
> I'm for most of this, but I dislike the rarity of "cursed" - "cursed" isn't a 
> rarity, and there's no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to have cursed objects 
> that are also unique.

Yeah cursed was an idea I just tacked on. Since none exist yet just make a prop that slightly alters it and add some new talismans.
> Proposal 149/0: Purposely Purge Pawning, Please.         : For
> Whoops.

> Proposal 152/1: Polymorphing.                            : For
> I also refuse to cave into peer pressure from Rubber Stamps.

Since when did you consider massive pinks stamps to be peers?

> Proposal 156/0: Fewer props per nweek                    : For
> Proposal 157/1: Another Room                             : For
> Right now this doesn't do much, but I envision a lot of abilities that can only 
> be used on players in the same room as you. The closet will make a good hiding 
> place when you *really* don't want an archmage to purge you.

Since pwning will probably soon be gone why not have a seance room?

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