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Re: [s-d] Re: [auto] Wonko submits p154

> Wonko has submitted a new proposal, p154:
>> Proposal 154/0: A Horribly Haunted House
> Have you been playing Betrayal at House on the Hill? :)

I've never heard of that, or at least I hadn't until I looked it up when I
got this message. It looks like an interesting game. It seems like it
would have limited replay value, though - after you'd played a majority of
the scenarios, you'd start redoing ones and you'd probably still remember
what the other side needed to do, which seems like it would take some of
the mystery out of it.

While writing that prop, I was actually thinking of a movie I saw part of
once, Rose Red (by Stephen King). The plot was based around a group of
researchers in an enormous haunted house, and the movie did it pretty well
(lots of scenes where someone turns around and all of a sudden something
horrible is *right behind them*).

The house in question was based on the Winchester Mansion on San Jose,
which is an enormous mansion that was never completed. It was never
finished because the owner (the daughter in law of Oliver Winchester, who
invented the famous repeating rifle) participated in a seance once and
asked when she would die; the medium told her she would die "When your
house is done".
   As a result, Sarah Winchester spent the rest of her life constructing
more and more rooms and hallways in the house, until finally she died,
the house not yet "complete".
   In Stephen King's adaptation of this story, the spirit of the builder
still lives on, and in fact at times the characters can hear distant
hammering and sawing as the house actually continues to build itself.

Now that I think about it, I don't think it was a movie exactly; it was
some sort of made-for-tv miniseries, or something like that. It was really
well done, though.

Anyway, I thought that sort of setting might be a good starting point for
a new part of the game, especially since I'd like to see Souls play a
major role in this.

I hope this will also lend itself well to story props. Since voting starts
tonight I didn't want to take the time to make a story, but I hope many
future authors will.


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