Daniel Peter Lepage on Thu, 23 Jun 2005 14:08:21 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] Re: Webmaster's Poll

> It probably could if there was a change to the page itself. I'd have to
> subscribe to each individual rules page. The main rules page is coded, I
> assume to parse information from elsewhere. I assume this is why I haven't
> had any mails to say it's been updated. Think I may be unsubscribed now
> though.

The main rules page uses the Include macro to include each Section page,
each of which includes all rules from that section. So the pages you want
to subscribe to are all the rule pages, one for each rule.

You can do this through UserPreferences by putting a regular expression
matching all rules in your list of subscribed pages. An example of such a
regexp would be "^Rules/.*$", minus the quotes. The downside is that
you'll get an email for every change to every rule (instead of one with
all of them).

I could also rig the Clock to automatically send you the rules every nday
2 or some such thing, if you'd like.

>> If we were to have such a scripting language, it wouldn't have to be
>> very
>> complicated, would it? You'd have maybe four commands,
>> #Create [a] Rule in <rulebook #>.<section #>
>> <Rule>
>> #Modify Rule <rulebook #>.<section #>.<id #> to read
>> <Rule>
>> #Repeal Rule <rulebook #>.<section #>.<id #>
>> #In Rule <rulebook #>.<section #>.<id #>, replace
>> <foo>
>> #with
>> <bar>
>> Analogous things could perhaps be set up to do the same for entire
>> sections or even entire rulebooks...
> Or if a player is amending a rules section have the explicitly write the
> whole new section out... although this wont always help if there are more
> props in the same section, unless every player proposing afterwards
> includes
> all possible variations. :S
> The alternative would be to put the prop (as usual) and then put an full
> updated version of that section below. You could then pick which is the
> closest and work from there... although you would have to trust the
> players
> to not change anything other that what their prop added.

Perhaps you'd say "#Amend section 4:" and then put a list of rules,
optionally with numbers; if you numbered your rules, they'd replace
existing rules with the same number, and if you didn't number a rule it
would be added as a new rule?

You'd still need another directive, something like #Do this:, that would
mark the next block as something the code should ignore because some
Minister has to handle it emself.


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