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Re: [s-d] Webmaster's Poll

On 6/21/05, Daniel Peter Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So, imagine that I were to rewrite some of the scripts surrounding the
> Ministry of Change. What features would be most useful?
> Specifically, how important are the following features:
> * Remembering previous revisions of current proposals

Not that important, but occasionally interesting. 

* Remembering previous revisions of historical proposals

Again, not that important but interesting. 

* Searching current or historical proposals


* Viewing all proposals from a given time period

Again, yes. 
Both from a historical point of view. 

* Handling things like the Legislator of the Nweek and the Big Rubber
> Stamp through the voting web forms
> * Submitting prop/voting info via email

Only if this can be submitted to a script for the Wiki to recognise. This, I 
suppose, could open the game up to those who have little time to access the 
web itself and download email.

* Periodically emailing out the text of props, votes, etc.

Not personally. Once is enough. Maybe mailing the rules when they have been 
updated could be useful though.

* Loading pages quickly (The PropIndex page is an example of *not*
> loading quickly)
> * Providing diff-style comparisons of prop revisions

Could be useful as I only glance over a revision to see if it has changed 

* Easy transfer of Ministerial Power
> * Any other features you can think of

Using mr database is quite nice, and it is fun to see the changes and may be 
useful if we wish to bring back a particular rule (at a particular point). I 
like that the rules are numbered differently to props - that could make it 
easier to find a specific thing.... but would there be an easy way to 
crosslink the prop with the rules that it has amended. I suppose if (anyone 
else) found useful it would have to linked to the version it is amending. 
This (could) in theory could let anyone examine the game in any state, 
including as props were passing.

- RW

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