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Re: [s-d] Re: Webmaster's Poll

It probably could if there was a change to the page itself. I'd have to 
subscribe to each individual rules page. The main rules page is coded, I 
assume to parse information from elsewhere. I assume this is why I haven't 
had any mails to say it's been updated. Think I may be unsubscribed now 

> If we were to have such a scripting language, it wouldn't have to be very
> complicated, would it? You'd have maybe four commands,
> #Create [a] Rule in <rulebook #>.<section #>
> <Rule>
> #Modify Rule <rulebook #>.<section #>.<id #> to read
> <Rule>
> #Repeal Rule <rulebook #>.<section #>.<id #>
> #In Rule <rulebook #>.<section #>.<id #>, replace
> <foo>
> #with
> <bar>
> Analogous things could perhaps be set up to do the same for entire
> sections or even entire rulebooks...

Or if a player is amending a rules section have the explicitly write the 
whole new section out... although this wont always help if there are more 
props in the same section, unless every player proposing afterwards includes 
all possible variations. :S

The alternative would be to put the prop (as usual) and then put an full 
updated version of that section below. You could then pick which is the 
closest and work from there... although you would have to trust the players 
to not change anything other that what their prop added.

- RW

On 6/21/05, Peter Cooper Jr. <pete+bnomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rainbow Wolfe <rainbowdreamwolf@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Not personally. Once is enough. Maybe mailing the rules when they have 
> been
> > updated could be useful though.
> I believe the wiki can do this now, although since I'm the one who
> changes the rules, I haven't tried it. In your user preferences
> (<http://www.bnomic.org/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/UserPreferences>), try
> setting your Subscribed wiki pages to ^Rules or something.
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