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[s-d] Re: [s-b] The start of an economy

On Jan 27, 2005, at 6.10 PM, Dan Schmidt wrote:

I put Conspiricy 2 out of it's misery by quiting it
and I advise the members of WBI to do the same.

I create a new society called Q-Gardening Inc. with
the following charter:
Anything that applies for Membership in Q-GI that
possesses Tildex and a Garden is accepted.

At the beginning of a Checking Period each member is
forced to transfer six Tildex times the number of
Plants e owns to Q-GI, If e cannot then all Tildex
transfered to Q-GI by that Member is transfered back
to em and Q-GI Ousts that Member. Then all Tildex
owned by Q-GI is transfered to the Minister of Q-GI
and the Minister of Q-GI is forced to weed and water
all Plants in each Member's Garden.

This Charter is changed if a majority of members agree
that it is.

The problem with this is, if I recall correctly, is that some ancient CFI decided that in fact Societies can't actually *cause* a player to take actions because an outsider must "specify to a Public Forum that e is taking that action". So this society won't actually save any work for anyone, since they still have to post saying "I give X tildex to Q-Gardening Inc.".

What you probably want to do is to have players pay every nweek, rather than every checkpoint.

If you're interested, I drafted a charter for a very similar society a few nweeks ago but never had time to actually instate it; the charter's included at the bottom of this message.

I also have one other idea for reducing watering costs, which I'll propose in just a moment.

__Gardener's Guild Charter__

The name of this society is The Gardener's Guild. For the purposes of this charter, it will simply be referred to as the Guild.

Its members may be referred to as Gardeners.

One member may be referred to as the Head Gardener. The Head Gardener is the Societal Minister for the Guild. The Head Gardener may give the position of Head Gardener to any other Gardener at any time; that gardener must agree to the transfer before it can take place.

The Guild has a list of players called its Customers. Any player may become a Customer of The Guild by paying 15~ to The Guild and requesting to be a Customer.

At the end of each nweek, every Customer of The Guild who hasn't give at least 5 +(C*N) tildex to The Guild during that Nweek ceases to be a member of the Guild. Here C denotes the highest watering cost of any plant in that player's garden, and N denotes the number of plants in said garden (the numbers are as of the end of the nweek - no paying 5~ over an empty garden and then planting a dozen Thorn Bushes).

At the beginning of each Checking Period, The Guild gives enough tildex to the Head Gardener to pay the watering costs of all Customer's Plants; the Head Gardener must then do that. It is the Head Gardener's job to recognize this.

The Head Gardener may Terminate a Customer's contract at any time; this causes The Guild to give that Customer an amount of Tildex equal to the amount e most recently paid to The Guild, less the amount of Tildex that the Guild has spent on that player's Plants since then, after which that player ceases to be a Customer.

The Head Gardener may alter this Charter at any time; however, e may not change it in such a way that existing Customers cease to be Customers, or in such a way that a Customer's plants will not be watered by the Gardener's Guild during the current nweek.

At the end of each nweek, The Gardener's Guild gives 3~ to every Gardener and 3 extra tildex to the Head Gardener.


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