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[s-d] Re: The start of an economy

Daniel Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> The problem with this is, if I recall correctly, is that some ancient
> CFI decided that in fact Societies can't actually *cause* a player to
> take actions because an outsider must "specify to a Public Forum that
> e is taking that action". So this society won't actually save any work
> for anyone, since they still have to post saying "I give X tildex to
> Q-Gardening Inc.".

While I'm not familiar with the particular CFI, rule 578 (Societies)
says that "A Society may force its members to perform actions.", and
rule 1896 says that "The Rules also have the power to cause an
Outsider to take Game Actions whether e posts or not." and "A Game
Action that is caused by a Rule instead of by a Forum Post takes place
at the time specified by the rule."

So I guess the question would be, does r578's rule saying that a
Society can force a member to do something count as a rule saying that
the Rules are forcing the outsider, or just as a Society forcing the

If a society can in fact make its members do things, one might also
want the Minister of that Society to keep track of actions that the
members are forced to do by that society, to prevent someone from
making a society that has its members do something every 5 minutes and
giving the Ministers Of Updating Things headaches.

The solution I would propose if Watering Costs are too annoying for
people to want to pay, would be to change the rule. Have watering be a
per-nweek thing, or have the rules automatically take the payment
every nweek (and allow someone to destroy a Plant in eir own Garden).

Peter C.
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