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[s-d] Re: [auto] Zarpint amends p1984

Zarpint writes:
> Proposal 1984/4: Alcohol again
> Create the following Rule:
[... snip ...]
> When a Player Ferments a Fruit, the Fruit changes into an X Drink,
> where X was the type of Fruit. An X Drink is a Drink for all values of
> X. The new Drink is in the possession of the Player who fermented the
> Fruit.

This is the "something else" with Fruits that I wanted but couldn't
think of a good idea.

However, I'm kinda curious what a Thorn Seed Drink tastes like, and
don't want to try to find out what a Rotten Tomato Drink tastes
like. :)

> If a Player's BAC is ever greater than or equal to 10, that Player
> becomes Blacked Out. If a Blacked Out Player's BAC is ever less than
> 10, e is no longer Blacked Out. A Blacked Out Player may not take any
> Action.

Not take any Action seems a bit harsh... And I think it would prevent
Forfeiting as well.

> Any Action done by any Player has a probability of X/10 of not taking
> place, where X is that Player's BAC.

Is the player doing the action responsible for throwing the dice? For
something like making a move in a subgame, couldn't the player just
try again (since the action didn't take place, they didn't make a move
yet this checking period, and thus could try again)?

> When any Player Votes in a Ballot, the Chairman must do the following
> X times, where X is that Player's BAC: choose one of the Polls in the
> Ballot and randomly change the Player's vote to either Yes or No with
> equal probability.

This sounds like the Chair gets to choose which Poll to change
randomly. While I like the sound of that as the current Chair, you
might want to make the Poll choice random as well. And, it'd currently
be possible for the Chair to choose the same Poll more than once, I'd

If the person doesn't vote at all, does it get randomly changed from
Abstain to something else?

Peter C.
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breakfast disappears."
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