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[s-d] Re: [auto] Zarpint amends p1983

Zarpint writes:
> Proposal 1983/1: Arena

I like the idea, although I'm not sure if we need this many
subgames. Thus, I proposed removing PGo since nobody seems to be using
it anyway.

> Create the following Rule:
[... snip ...]
> * Firing a jet of water at an given Cube. The specified cube must be
> orthogonally adjacent to the Avatar. With probability AvPower /
> AvPower+ AvSkill, a Jet Hits a randomly chosen Cube orthogonally
> adjacent to the specified one, and with probability AvSkill / AvPower
> + AvSkill, a Jet Hits the specified Cube.

You might want to put parentheses around AvPower + AvSkill.

[... snip ...]
> If a Jet Hits a Cube with one or more Avatars, each Avatar Gets
> Destroyed with probability A/(A+B), where A is the AvPower of the
> Player represented by the Avatar that Fired the Jet, and B is the
> AvStrength of the Player represented by the Avatar in the Cube where
> the Jet Hit.

You might want to clarify that it's "each Avatar in that cube",
instead of just "each Avatar". It might be implied, but I wouldn't
count on it.

[... snip ...]
> D.13. The Ministry of the Arena.

I don't think that the GameKeeper's job is complicated enough
(especially if we remove PGo) that this needs its own Minister, but we
can always change this later if needed, so I don't mind starting it
out this way.

[... snip ...]
> Make Zarpint the Minister of the Arena.

Besides, I'm curious how you plan on representing the 3D world in a
web page. :)

Peter C.
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