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[s-d] Re: [Spoon-business] Justice 2.0

This puts the rules in the right places; I had to move r125 to make space, but fortunately it fits logically at the end of r25, so that's ok.

I amend my prop entitled "Shenanigans" to read:


Move the text of r125 [[Automation]] to the end of r25 [[The Admin]]. [[It makes sense there]]

Amend r125 to read:
__Calling for Inquiry__

If players disagree about the legality of an action, the interpretation or application of a rule or set of rules, or the current state of the game, any player may invoke the Second Highly Exalted Network for Active Nomic Interpration and General Analysis of Nomic States, or SHENANIGANS. This is done by submitting a Call For Inquiry, or CFI; this is called Calling Shenanigans.

A CFI is a Game Document consisting of a statement about the game and (optionally) an argument in favor of that statement.

The entity that submitted a CFI is called its Plaintiff. When Calling Shenanigans, the Plaintiff may choose to Call Shenanigans on another player; if e does, the chosen player is the CFI's Defendant.

Amend r126 to read:
__Upper and Lower__

There exists a set of players called the Upper House, one called the Middle Ground, and another called the Lower Pit. Any player who is in none of these may declare eir intention to enter the Upper House at any time; a player who does so becomes a member of the Upper House at the end of that nweek. Any player who has been in the Lower Pit for two nweeks or more may remove emself from it at any time. Any player in the Upper House may leave the Upper House at any time.

If a player is put into any of these three sets, e is removed from any of the other two that e is in. No player may ever be in more than one of these sets.


Amend r127 to read:

For each CFI, there is a set of Eligible Judges. All members of the Upper House are Eligible for a CFI except the Plaintiff and the Defendant of that CFI. If this means that fewer than two players are Eligible Judges, then members of the Middle Ground are Eligible Judges as well, with the exception of the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

When Shenanigans is Called, the Minister of Justice must select an Eligible Judge for the CFI at random; the chose player becomes that CFI's Judge and is moved to the Middle Ground.

The Judge of a CFI may issue a Judgment on it. This Judgment must be one of the following (or an equivalent term that unambiguously identifies one of the following):
TRUE: The statement of the CFI was true as of the Shenanigans Call
FALSE: The statement of the CFI was false as of the Shenanigans Call
REFUSED: The statement of that CFI is unclear, nonsensical, or irrelevant to the game, or otherwise should not be judged.

When the Judge judges the CFI, e receives 10 tildex, ceases to be the Judge of that CFI, and is moved to the Upper House.

If seven or more days have passed since a judge was assigned to a CFI, any player may Recuse that Judge. When this happens, the CFI is Remanded to the Upper House, the Recuser gains 5 tildex, and the Judge ceases to be Judge, loses 20 tildex, and is moved to the Lower Pit.


Amend r128 to read:

If a player believes that the judge of a CFI has issued a judgment on misinformation or has overlooked an important rule or fact, that player may Recall Shenanigans on that CFI (this may only be done after the CFI has been judged). This causes the CFI to be Remanded to the Upper House; the Upper House becomes the Judge of that CFI.

For ten ndays after a CFI is Remanded to the Upper House, every player who was an Eligible Judge for that CFI at the time of Remanding may submit an Appellate Judgment on that CFI. These players are called the Appellate Judges. An Appellate judgment may be any of the allowed Judgments that an ordinary judge may make.

After ten days, or after one of the possible Judgment choices has been issued by a majority of all Appellate Judges, the Upper House Judges the CFI. It issues whichever Judgment was issued by the greatest number of Appellate Judges. In the event of a tie between the Judgment issued by the original judge and any number of other Judgments, the one issued by the original judge shall be used; in a tie between other Judgments only, the Minister of Justice shall decide which Judgment is used.




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